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Happy turn of the new year Jedi everywhere. May the Force be with you. 

   I would like to share a bit of wisdom from our farm this year. The change of the year finds us ready, or not. Tradition and the turn of the year reminds us all of what is new or what will be new. Oh! the things we will do. Yes, but I offer this bit of advice. At this present moment in time, what needs to be finished? Finish up the things that need to be, well, finished. Clear yourself a space to start. I know this is not the most popular "Tradition, yet originality" but this New Year, what are you finishing up? What are the things that need to be completed? Here is your nudge to complete those things. This new year, finish the fight. End things that need to be ended. Finish that which needs to be done. Start ---by finishing. There is a power in completion. Find that something that needs your attention. Finish it. Complete the task. There is a strength in completion. Want to start the year off strong, finish something. Check all the boxes. Wrap some things up. Tie loose ends. Close out a few things. Stop some. Start the finale. In this, we can find out more. Empty your cup by well, emptying it. There is a psychological impact to completion in our own paths. Utilize it this year. It may not work for everyone but what I will tell you is this, it does seem to work more time than not. The natural reduction in stress that comes from finishing things can only be explained by experiencing it. So, this year, if you would like to increase productivity, reduce stress, have a sense of accomplishment, feel free to find things to finish in your own path. In my path, there is a list. Feel free to apply it anywhere you like in any amount. Finishing things can become addicting so take some time to meditate on such things. This is my New Year message.  May the Force be with you.