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A place and a feeling like this.


The Temple of the Jedi Order is a place and an idea. It can be created and cultivated by each mind, body and spirit that is present. We take with us, the spirit of each of us as we live our lives. The balance we all seek, can often come from remembering where and what we are returning to. 


Each day I return to a place and idea like this.


In a place like this, we can meet. In a place like this, we can share. The idea is that each myth and story is shared in aspiration for aid in our own development. This development is why I return to a place like this and ideas like this. I am still studying, right next to you. Most the lessons I get come from the time and effort we spend together. You are where the lessons come from, as well. I stand today because of a place like this. We win, we lose but we do it together. We dance and we cry.


Thank you, Temple of the Jedi Order. From the newest to the eldest here, each moment spent with you is truly a gift. I still look forward to spending time with Jedi. Let us remember places like this. We will never be the only place that does this. Nope. We will not be the last and I hope not. So, spend some time with me, wherever you may be at the moment and be glad for places like this.


Happy Holidays and May the Force be with each and every one of you.

What will next year hold and who will answer or be reluctant in life? Only you know Jedi. 

Happy Holidays

Pastor Carlos