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Recently there was a ceremony for the death of one of our own it really surprised me how few people showed up in the chat to pay their respects... along those lines a simple question comes up while we call ourselves jedi and earn our ranks... What really makes us Jedi?

Each of us has our own view of what it means to act jedi, but do we all not believe in compassion, sharing in our community, Giving what we can to the temple and community that has given so much to us?

I come to wonder a bit about why we are calling ourselves jedi when as a community we seem to be very unlike jedi at times.  In the last year we have had trouble with jedi groups trying for attention, the problems between groups and the usual problems with members.  What really seperates us from those who role-play and those who truly are Jedi?

I do not mean role-play just in the sense of dressing up and hitting each other with fancy colored versions of sticks... I mean acting as a jedi at times and not being a jedi...  are we just playing the role of a jedi and not becoming the jedi?

In our everyday actions do we show our chivalry and do what we can to help our communities? 
Is our path only including ourselves, are we turning too far inward that we are ignoring our community, our temple, the people around us, online AND in real life?

I pose all these question because I think we as a community need to look around, to serve with honor and respect.  To not just be jedi when it works for us, but in our everyday lives...  

I'm not trying to say that we are not giving enough as there are some who care very much for this temple and give all they can.  There are others who give what they can monetarily though in this age and economy some of us are in tough times.  We all have our struggles and we all have our trials and I am not putting these trials and tribulations down, but saying that no matter how tough or odd being a Jedi is we should not drop what we are or what we believe to go the easy route.  

We should be Jedi through and through, and really look at what that means to each of us