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Jediism by Khalil Gibran as retold by Br. John
An old priest said, "Speak to us of Religion."
And the master of all Jedi said:
Jediism is everything you do and everything you think.
That which is neither action or thought is the light of The Living Force Of Creation, a wonder and a surprise ever present and timeless and the bliss of the spirit.
Who can separate faith from actions, or belief from choices?
Who can divide time, saying, "This is The Force but this is only my mind; this is only my spirit, this other is only my body?"
All your moments are wings that beat through The Force.
If morality is your best clothes you're better off naked.
The wind and the sun will tear no holes in your skin.
A Jedi who defines conduct by ethics and not the will of The Force imprisons the song-bird in a cage.
No free song comes through bars and wires.
A Jedi who belives The Force is a like window, to open but also to shut, does not know The Force.
Your daily life is your Temple and your Jediism.
Whatever you enter take with you your all.
Take your tools and your toys.
The things you have in necessity or for delight.
You cannot rise above your achievements nor fall lower than your failures.
And take with you all sentient beings:
For in adoration you cannot fly higher than their hopes nor humble yourself lower than their despair.
And if you would know The Living Force Of Creation don't fret about riddles.
Look about you and you shall see The Force playing with your children.
And look into space; you shall The Force in the clouds, blazing in lightning and descending in rain.
The Force smiles to you in flowers and waves to you in the trees.
January 25, 2009