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Part 2

Ignorance- lack of knowledge or information.

Knowledge- facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

We base our decisions on the knowledge we possess at the time. We can as Jedi work to learn more so we can make better, more informed decisions. But even then it's still a decision based on the knowledge we possess at the time. This also applies to how we respond to events in our lives. We as Jedi should be willing to wait and find out more information about something going on before we react, given the opportunity. 

As we work to internalize this part of the code we realize we are encouraged to go out and learn. To gain enough knowledge on as many subjects as we can. This way we know enough to not be easily fooled or misled and to know when to research more so we can read between the lines when needed. We live in a world now where half truths and propaganda is splashed on every newspaper and  played on every TV. We should be wary in our modern age of what we read and see. Realize that you are operating off the best information you have. There is nothing wrong with that. It's simply a truth. But this is where we can and should try to be honest with our words. When we speak and we are unsure let that be known. Perhaps use (from my understanding or I am unsure but the last i heard/was told). We as Jedi can seek to be as truthful with our words as possible. We can be the ones to stop misinformation from being spread around. 

As we work to express the code externally we can realize those around us are making decisions just like we do with what knowledge they possess. Your experiences and career often provide unique insights into areas of knowledge and what is common knowledge for you isn’t necessarily common knowledge for everyone else. We can seek to be more open minded and understanding when we encounter someone who lacks knowledge of things we see as common sense. Just because you know how the copier at work is operated because you have been there for the last 20 years doesn’t mean the new employee has any idea. We can take a page from Yoda, “pass on what you have learned”. 

There is no ignorance, merely a lack of knowledge. Let us embrace this understanding and work together to be more open minded and work to better communicate with each other.