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It's A Beautiful Day

There is a meditation from Thich Naht Hanh that I use regularly. It's a simple one, but powerful. Each of the following word pairs represent one breath. The first word should be focused on during the inhale, and the second during the exhale:
in / out
deep / slow
calm / ease
smile / release
present moment/ wonderful moment

Sometimes I'm grumpy or overwhelmed and not feeling well and the present moment may seem anything but wonderful, but when I take the first few breaths to quiet my mind, I can see through the difficulties to the beauty.

I may have a headache and some anxiety this morning, but the sun is shining and the cicadas are singing and my dogs are chasing each other across the grass. My heart is beating and I have people to love and food in my belly. Golden brushtail possums exist (seriously, go look then up if you aren't familiar) and so do books. And chocolate! So yeah... it may not be a perfect day, but gosh it's a beautiful day!

Take a moment and consider; what's making your day beautiful today?