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Have you ever sat and stared at a spot on the wall? Or, have you done a variation of this? Have you ever encountered a spider (or insert something small that you’re afraid of) and focused all of your attention on it? Have you ever been so into something that you don’t pull any of your attention away, and you do not distract yourself with petty movements of the body or breath?

Have you ever forgotten how to move normally because you’re so focused?

Is it a feeling you like?

Do you enjoy playing a sport and being so into it that you forget how time works, and you simply sail through the motions like you’re flying?

Do you ever sing a song in the shower or on the Carnegie Hall stage? Does it take your whole being to sing it? Is your whole body involved? Do you sway back and forth? Do you give your whole self to it?

Do you ever knit a sweater? Do you find yourself giving your whole mind to it? Do you develop utmost care and patience? Does a prick of the needle on your finger not bother you at all?

Is Focus something that you can achieve? Or, is it only something you can do?

What is Focus? Is it an action or is it a state of being?

Are you reading this sermon for answers? Or, are you recognizing the point? Is this the “Dot”? Does it frustrate you? Do you feel helpless? Is it futile?

Isn’t it beautiful how different we learn when we aren’t given the answers?

Is there a method to find the Focus?

Can we meditate? Does this help us achieve Focus? Would you, instead of answering that question, ask your body and soul instead? Do you think I’m crazy, asking you to talk to your body?

Do you think your body doesn’t have a say in whether or not you can meditate? Don’t you have polite manners? Don’t you share your consciousness with the body? Then shouldn’t it have an opinion?

Could you ask: “How do I find Focus?”

Could you then not wait to hear an answer? Will you feel anything at all? 

by Rev. Connor Martin Lidell