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Since we have been looking at the core beliefs recently, I thought it would be good to talk today about the fundamentals of what it really is to be a Jedi.

It doesn't always have to involve attending services, being active here at TotJO, or the studies, you don't need to do all of these thing to be a Jedi, think about it..

When you get up in the morning and jump in the shower, you are actively practicing your belief and keeping the promise of a cleanly body, on the way to work someone drops something, you point it out to them and they don't lose it, that's Jedi... grabbing the coffee for your co-workers, dressing smartly, taking 5 minutes out to look at the birds in the sky or just to breath fresh air for a second.

All of these things are part of our practice, and the force is stronger and stronger in our actions when we realize this, you should feel good about almost EVERYTHING you do on a daily basis.

So if you got up this morning and didn't have time to log on, don't feel bad for it, feel good about the things that you DID do that relate to our beliefs, you cooked a meal for your significant other / family, just remember that the force is with you while you are doing it and appreciate the time that you have been given to perform the task, don't wallow in the mundane, look at every task fresh with a new perspective like you have never done it before and tackle it all head on... THAT my friends is being a true Jedi.

Obviously the spirit of community is also important and it's good from time to time to check in and say hello / make new friends, but don't live your life as a member of TotJO, as when you do that you take away from the whole purpose of it, the BLISS, the JOY of being and when you take that away, well then you are missing out.

Spring is coming and Summer is soon to follow, everything is blossoming and beautiful, get outside and fulfill your purpose in the universe of observing how wonderful the world is around you, fill yourself with positivity and light and put it out there for everyone to see, what are you waiting for... the force is with you always and it's at it's finest all around you right now, get out there and soak it up.