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When you look at the stars, you are typically struck with awe, or with wonder. But rarely do you look at them and think of the things they have seen.
The stars have seen the beginnings of the universe; planets forming and becoming as we see them today.
The stars have seen the oceans fill with new life, evolving up to mankind. They have seen man create towers, move mountains, and fly into space.
They have been observed, categorized, and put in groups to resemble images in the sky.
Stars are featured in folklore, science fiction, and the dreams of many who see the stars as an opportunity for new life and settlement.
But was does that mean to a Jedi?
When you look at a star, we should add to the lists of thoughts, the idea that many generations have observed the very same stars, and at that very moment, thousands and thousands of people are watching with you.
This is just one of the vast examples of things we can do to connect to people from across the world and across time.
We can play music, connecting to the very people who created the many techniques and sounds you are playing, and being heard by those who don’t even necessarily know how to speak your language.
Building this connection with people is an amazing feeling, and makes the world a better place. We will be able to bridge gaps between cultures, and educate people in the many different ways we go about the world.

I would even be as bold to say that this connection could be what the world need to help it from destroying itself…

There are so many ways to connect to people, and as a Jedi, this is an import bond.
So learn a new language, find a new hobby, and discover how actions really do speak louder than words.