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Recklessness we learn his children. We climb trees and mountains and dive in the caves simply because they're there. We had done so without any regard for the moment after. Nothing was nearly as exciting as right now Norwell anything ever be. As children we all truly embrace the term seize the day. So much we could learn in retrospect in a child's mind.

    As the wall of extremes proceed, we grow up and learn that our recklessness have consequences and therefore we learn responsibility. Whether it is from a hospital visit, scaring those who love us, or feeling the breath of death on the back of our neck. Surviving allows is one great gift... The lessons we can carry on. Precious they are because the lesson is yours and yours alone.

    This grant you the forethought of knowing the future when repeating the same actions and to pass on the lesson to those who walk the same path. Many would say, "now why would I give away my work and effort to someone else to reap the benefits?" I answer, "the most adventurous students make the finest teachers." As life lessons are passed down lives are saved and progress is made.

    Stepping aside and watching mistakes be repeated when they can be easily prevented that is reckless. People will suffer in progress will fail. We want to my favorite quote, "those with the ability, have the responsibility."

    As students, we also have the responsibility of learning from those mistakes of the past when they are given to us. Ignoring our teachers, that too is request because we would also hinder progress. However it is our responsibility to except the lessons, put it to work, experiment and add to it and pass it onto the future. Progress then continues for us all as a society.

    In summation, we have the responsibility to learn from our mentors, because it is reckless making the same mistakes with nothing to pass on.

May the force be with you.