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I want today to talk to you all about perceptions

Not so much perceptions of the world, but between ourselves, between each other

In my recent video series on the Jedi code I talked about the level of detail we know in a given situation:


How much do you know of another’s motives?

Each person is different and while experience can serve you well, when each time is a different one, experience shouldn’t be taken as given

“I have never had someone that has deeply loved me” – Result, you never will find someone

“I always fail to get a job” – Result, you stop trying

Each time is different, no matter the similarities

Each time you have a choice

Our ignorance of each other is even more important when we consider that we use the medium of text to communicate with each other

It can be hard to get across your intent with no body language and tone of voice available

I MEAN LOOK AT THIS FOR EXAMPLE. Was I shouting? Nope. Did it look like I was? Quite possibly…

The use of smilies, alt helps a lot, which is why I try to include them as much as possible

I asked someone recently how I came across online, their reply was ‘strong minded’ and indeed I am. I know what I think when I think it and while I am more than willing to change based on evidence given, I can sometimes come across as… insulting?

I however don’t and certainly haven’t for a long time at least gotten angry when discussing online. Frustrated? Yes, that happens fairly often, but not angry and I certainly don’t shout aggressively
But how does that come across online?

What do you think you sound like? How do you think you might be perceived by someone who has never met you?

Often friends kindly insult each other, but would you do that the first time you met someone? I really doubt it…

With limited knowledge at our disposal it is easy to pass judgement
So take the time to think before you respond

Acknowledge that you don’t always know the reason behind things, no matter the situation or how much knowledge you THINK you have

Ignorance; yet Knowledge