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Posted by Akkarin on behalf of Jerriko, we thank him for his contribution!

I spent the better part of two weeks attempting to break down and glean all that I could about what our doctrine teaches us about life.

What I wound up with was an essay, not a sermon, Instead I leave you with this:

The next time you eat a piece of fruit, take a moment to meditate upon each of it's special qualities. Contemplate how within it's core lies the possibility for the growth of new life. How it's flesh provides you with the nourishment to sustain yours. Focus upon the texture of it's skin, and the beauty of it's color. Now finally think about how nature itself provides you with all the sustenance you need.

The Force itself sustains nature's continued growth, it's influence can be felt in the wind upon your face, and the warmth of the sun's light. Seen within the beauty of the forests and the serenity of a calm lake. The doctrine teaches us to be mindful of the Force in all of it's many forms, to appreciate the life that is sustained by it, and to find your peace within your own life.

May the Force guide you, protect you, and it's warm light shine upon you always.