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A light through the darkness....


I've been quiet as of late for personal reasons that I have shared with Br. John several weeks ago.  My time has been spent on a selfish but necessary task. Using one's life experiences no matter how bleak or strong, how critical or simple, they may be helpful for others see that there is a way to such a peaceful life that we spend time pursuing and maintaining. But, we also are not the fictional Jedi. And in the reality of this world, we strive to be within our own iniquities.

No one is perfect, not here not now. But as we strive to better ourselves to the goal that we've set for ourselves, until a time that our goal is strengthened by our own strengths, we endure trials each and every day. Some greater than others, some where the answers take time.

I suffered a mass critical one back in March. Details are not necessary but I can tell you if it wasn't for the light that shown in the darkness, I may have not been here. That delicate glimpse was the only line between the only two possible outcomes and am grateful that the one that was stronger than the other.

If this lesson helps just one person see that no matter how small and delicate the glimpse of light is, it is strong enough to be the base, foundation, whatever you may wish to view it as to hold that strength inside us.....



For today I serve so that tomorrow I may serve again.
One step, One Vow, One Moment... 
Too always remember it is not about me....
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Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see...
Faith is a journey, not a guilt trip...
Quiet your emotions to find inner peace.
 Learn from ignorance to foster knowledge.
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 Understand the chaos to see the harmony.
 Life and death is to be one with the Force.