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This sermon is posted by Akkarin on behalf of Kohadra. We thank him for his contribution!


At one time or another, we have all played the game of make believe, wearing physical or metaphorical masks in order to become a fabled hero, a notorious villain, or some other fantasy character of great importance. We run and play with our friends, having great adventures and glorious fun while traversing through the world of pretend and imagination.
As we age, we continue to play this game, except that we forget we are playing it. We continue to wear masks in the form of the false appearances we put on for others, and the things we do to imitate our heroes and idols of our adult lives. We play pretend with people we meet in the form of jobs, careers, and professions. We trade the things we have for the things we want, yet without the sense of excitement about it that we had as children.
Some of us eventually come to realize this, and we take the mask off for a while and act as our true selves. When we do this, it is strange to us, because we have not acted like our true selves for such a long time. We may become confused, wondering if we were wearing a mask at all, and if we are wearing one now.
Eventually, after figuring this out, we grow bored of being just our natural selves. When this happens, we find another mask to wear, and begin to play the game of make believe again.
This is not to say that wearing a mask is something which is bad or should be avoided. Wearing masks and playing pretend provide a spice to life that no other known species gets to enjoy. We can become anything we want to be, do anything we want to do, and accomplish anything we want to accomplish. If we went through life being just our natural selves, we would find it so incredibly boring.
So whether you prefer the mask of a soldier, a peace officer, a fireman, an office clerk, a burger flipper, or a monk/clergy person, wear your mask with pride, yet know who you are inside.
May the Force guide and protect.