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This was written by and published for Steamboat

A Basket of Eggs -- A Story of Us


There was a young man who desired a basket full of eggs. Yet, he had no basket. And he had no eggs. He knew no basketweavers nor farmers, but his heart was set on a basket overflowing with eggs. So, he went to his friends to ask their advice.

"I would like a basket of eggs! It would be lovely, but I don't know where to start. Can you please help me?"

Some of them said "You must get a basket first. It is no good having eggs if you have no basket, for you'll have nothing to put your eggs in and they'll all roll away!"

Some of them said "You must gather the eggs first. What use is the basket with no eggs to put in it? You may not even find enough eggs to fill the basket, so you'll have wasted your money!"

Some of them said "A basket of eggs is a foolish notion. No one needs so many eggs that they require a basket to store them in. It's foolish, and I'll have no part in your nonsense."

And some remained quiet, for though they knew where to get eggs, and some of them sold baskets, they didn't think it was their place to prove the others wrong, for the opinions of the others were founded in their own experiences with farmers and basket-weavers, and it was no one's place to question their beliefs.

In this way, everyone thought they were helping the boy who wanted the basket of eggs, but in truth, the boy walked away with no basket, no eggs, and a heavy heart. His basket of eggs now seemed an impossible dream.