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May the Force we share be with you ALWAYS.

Tiss the season for change. If you have eyes, the evidence is every where from the trees to the sun to the smells in the air. Spring is a time when new things begin. The toil of work and preparation will soon be evident. Officially, I am no farmer. My family and I grow as much as we can for us and for our circles. Every where you look, some where there is something growing all the time in my home. There are moments is feels like heavy work and no regard. Come spring time you will see efforts sprout every where. As we see the seasons change, I want to remind every Modern day Jedi, we are sometimes the seeds of things and the plants of things. Give what you have planted the time and things it needs. Time can be tough when you do not frequent finishing or organization, especially with living things. Too many times there are those good sprouts that get too cold or too much sun or just too much of one thing and you have a seed that did not get to germ. Some sprouts are even a mystery to how they are present, yet there they are.

Germ friends, germ! Grow! Grow friends, grow!


Take the time that is needed to find what it is you are looking for, give your self the GRACE you need to learn and grow. In everything, things come in stages, so too does our Modern day Jedi ism friends. There is always a learners braid level that can be remembered and that can be used. One of the hardest thing for a Modern day Jedi is to understand the value of ...us. Its a hard concept in any place but the "US" in Jedi ism means you and me, those who have taken the mantel and put it on. Those who have made the decision to be called Jedi. 


Grow you. Ask the questions only you can answer. Re-watch a few new and OLD Jedi movies and see what the Force has in store for you. (That's how it does work some times) Tiss time for change every where you look. The evidence is right there. Some spreads are not as much as random as we think , yet most are just starting and some are starting AGAIN. That is the point some days for a heart like mine, that focus of reminder that without me, things would still be. This season, as we watch things grow and as we watch a few of our things in life fruit, remember it does take work. Growth IS coming and so is spring. You ready for the new?  Got a place or a extra seat handy? Got a place for the fruit? Happy seeking and may the Force be with you  every where you are. 

Happy Spring, Hope you enjoy the season.

Pastor Carlos