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May the Force we share, seek or serve be with you today.


There is a few fears in the Modern day Jedi community that is very real. One of those fears is the idea of the cookie cutter Jedi. Now, to every Modern day Jedi, regardless of their title and position, there is a fear of copy cats and fake -ness. Everything we do is based on the honor system here. Of all the Modern day Jedi I have met, please understand, I have yet to meet a Modern day Jedi who is exactly like their Training Master or like a direct mentor. Of all the people I have had the privilege of sharing time with, NONE have been like the others. Further more, I have lessons that are the same yet, every time I have given the lesson, a new way or a new idea will come into play. Every time there is a new answer. 

We share here. We mentor the Jedi Way here. That's the bread and the butter. As those who have asked self-reflective questions, here we share with others that which we have found helpful. In this process, there is a fear of cheating and deceit. Don't get me wrong, no institute is without its own problems but the idea of cookie cutter Jedi is very real. 

The idea is this, we are on the honor system with everything we do and quite often we don't actually validate things. Some things can not be validated like testimonies and first hand experiences. Some can with simple questions and honest answers. Through time and effort, the idea of making drone or CLONES is a very real idea. Here we have many ideas and Knights and even Senior ranks and in the Ebb and Flow of things, its easy to get stuck on the clones. 

Location and availability are two key factors that play a very real and HEAVY roll in the clone war of Modern day Jedi. As we begin and continue to reflect on our own paths, remember no one WILL be like any one else. You can't be like me. I can't be like you. That's ok too. Your don't have to believe like me. You don't have to believe at all. We don't have to be the same. We can hold commonalities and STILL be connected, that's one of the JOYS of Modern day Jedi - ism. We can all call ourselves Jedi and still keep our own identity. Feel like a clone? Go do something un-clone like. Try something on your own, for yourself, and see what happens. 

May this be a small drop of something that can help others grow and fight the Clone Wars!

Pastor Carlos