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The US constitution says all men are created equal.  Our country has overcome its share of issues such as granting women the right to vote as well as rights for black people.  And we have overcome these things as evident by the first black presedent who was just elected. This is a great time in history for us all,  On the same night while one group made a great victory as well as the rest of us another group was told we were not equal.  I am speaking about the passage of Prop 8 which denies the right of same sex cuples to marry.  Aparently some people are equal while others are not aparently we get to decide who is protected by our constatution and who isn't.


As Jedi it is our job to defend those groups who suffer injustice and lack of equality.  Our own cread at this temple has this to say

"In working towards a culture that is relatively free of discrimination on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, national origin, degree of ability, age, etc."

we as jedi hold these truths to be self evident and if we did not take a stand agains this kind of equality then why are we jedi and what does our cread mean if we don't fallow it?    Masters can teach the cread but it means nothing if we as jedi don't live by it.


thank you and MTFBWY