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Welcome to the year 2011. The year ahead of you probably feels a puzzle, a challenge, a mystery. To make the best use of it requires the ability to reduce wastage of resources, especially time. To do this, before solving any problem that confronts you, first carry out an in-depth situation analysis to correctly identify the problem. One possible cause of wastage which must be tackled is planlessness.

The coming of each new year seems to set out for many a series of resolutions. Granted there are a number of physical ones, such as losing weight, or working on a particular project. But what about spiritual matters? Many people have a vague idea in mind as to where they want to go in life, and what they want to accomplish, but they lack the specifics on how they intend to achieve it.

Do you have a plan? Like they say, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. No success is achieved without a plan. In maximizing your time, care should be taken to eradicate waste. In this way, you must come out with a plan for the year.

Another time waster is non-setting of goals or targets. In the Force`s plan, we can see how It carefully spreads out a series of activities against each day. Nothing seems to be without reason. Many people however manage to face each day, week, month or even year without any real solid goals. If you do not set goals for yourself, you will lose the sense of time.

You will also fail to correctly assess your performance. If you set a set number of targets to be accomplished in a day, at the end of which you performed only a portion, you will be able to measure your level of success for the day.

One good thing about setting and following daily goals, is that it helps you to do things at the right time, and prevents last minute preparation. Many students of life fail not because they are not intelligent, but because they do not plan their success strategy.

They assume they have much time and keep on procrastinating, until they are so close to examination period. When it is a few days to an exam in life, they will be confronted with so much work, leading to panic. If you plan and set targets on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and work towards them, you will not be under undue pressure. Do everything according to its time giving yourself time, respect yourself.

Why not just spend an hour to thank the Force for the gift of another year. Let us ask for the wisdom and direction to finish 2010 strong and in peace.