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This sermon is from Master Wes.

Wescli Wardest (templeofthejediorder.org)


Service is one way we grow as individuals. It's one way we help our communities. It's also one way we get others interested in the path we follow. But first, we must be in a position to be of service...

A long time ago there was a king that was on his death bead.  He was not afraid of dying but of being alone in the afterlife.  In life he had four beautiful wives and he was with one or more of them at all times.  From his death bed he called for his fourth wife who he loved the most and showered with fancy gifts of jewels, fine clothes and fancy foods.  He asked her if she would go to with him to the afterlife. She replied that she could not.  She loved him very much but could not follow him into the afterlife. Undaunted by this reply he called for his third wife who he also loved.  He would show her off to foreign dignitaries and guests and was very proud of her.  When the king asked if she would follow him into the afterlife she replied no. And further, even though she loved him and was grateful for all she had been given she was going to remarry after he departed this world. The king was not worried for he still had his second wife whom he loved.  She was always there for him in times of need and was always comforting and a joy to be around.  So he called for his second wife and asked if she would go with him to the afterlife. She regretfully declined and replied that she loved him and would be with him until the end, comforting him as long as he was in this world.  And that when he left she would arrange his funeral and morn for his passing but she could not go with him into the afterlife. Amazed that his three of his favorite wives declined his request he called for his first wife.  She had been with him from the beginning, before he was a king.  And he asked her if she would go with him into the afterlife.  She smiled and held his hand and said, I love you and have always loved you.  I will follow you and go with you where ever you go.  The king smiled and wept and told her that he wished he would have spent more time with her and showered her with more gifts for she was the truest of his wives.

We all have four wives (partners, whatever you want to call them). The fourth is our bodies.  We love our bodies and adorn them with jewelry and nice clothes.  Eat the foods that delight our tastes and spend much of our time seeking out the pleasures of the flesh. The third wife is our possessions. We are proud of them and show them off to others.  We love these things we have collected but like our bodies, they can not go with us when we die.  The second wife is our family and friends.  They are dear to us and we love them.  Learning to lean on them for support and expect comfort from them when we are low.  We also celebrate their successes as they celebrate ours. But they can go no further than our funerals. Our first wife is our soul.  It is with us from the beginning.  Many, or maybe most of us, do not spend as much time nourishing and nurturing our souls and we spend pursuing other worldly things. Spending time alone, contemplative, holding to our morals and values no matter what the world around us does.  Our souls are all we take with us into the next world.  Are you intimate with yours? 

Have you spent the time to ready yourself to be of good service to others?

Force be with you.