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HEYA and Howzit Jedi everywhere? There is a very real shared connection that we as Jedi share. It is in our every day lives; and in the selfless path we take, as humans and Jedi. One common connection is that of "others". This sermon is not about that; but of the "too- muching" of others. We as Jedi, tend to pay attention to the "other" people besides ourselves. It comes in many forms and in many paths but, generally speaking, we as Jedi care. We actually care about others. My sermon is this, you can "others" too much. Here we do not tell anyone what to do. Not our gig man. But what I will preach is this, you can care too much. I am going to tell you the truth right now, there is disarray everywhere. Compassion Fatigue is real and right now, there are many needs everywhere. It is far too easy to lose track of your give meter. Mine gets emptied often. Know what YOU need to get back where YOU need to. I can not tell you nor can anyone else. I am a firm believer a Jedi can figure out anything, especially themselves. You're the only one who can. Know when to much is too much. You can "others" too much. Find a good balance and then, share it. 

Pastor Carlos