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The recycling of life, energy, and the rebirth.


What do we understand about life? Life is within itself one of the most complicated ideas but only one idea surpasses this and that is death.

The mysteries of death and the life afterwards is one of great mystery, great contemplation, and great fear, but what is death and what really happens? Ask anyone this question and you will get a large variety of many different answers.

In the Tanakh (the herbrew bible) there is NO mention of afterlife, or treats from which you earn after life. It is more of a code for life, to live better and not worry about death or heaven/hell. A jewish friend of mine used to tell me his family believed the better you do in life the closer you would be to god and the greater the afterlife will be for you, and the less equals the opposite.

A obvious Christian idea on death is concretely: if you are good, accepted Jesus as the savior, and have been baptized then you will go to heaven, everyone else (and I mean EVERYONE else) will burn in a lake of fire. Even in Catholicism if your baby dies unbaptized he/she goes to hell with no questions about it.

Islam is similar to Christian in the belief about heaven and hell. Where as Hell in Christianity is ran by the devil, in Islam the Jinn control it (The jinn are spirits such as the angels and demons of Christianity, but categorized into 5 classes and all have their own personality, they are servants of Allah and live in civilizations such as humans but are bound by “chain” to Allah and his words, it is said King Solomon could enslave these spirits and made them his servants to clean and work.) So the Jinn hate humans and try to trick them for they envy the “free will” that was granted to humans by Allah. So they talk to humans and trick them into doing wrong. It is said when a fortune teller finds info he/she talks to a Jinn who would go to the gates of heaven to listen for the answer and return with either a lie or what he had caught in his eavesdropping.

Now there are religions who believe in reincarnation as well, the better you lived your life the better your next life’s form will take.

But let us look at science, in particular the conservation of energy law. It is said energy is neither created or destroyed but changes form. What is the human soul? It is divine energy that fuels life, so if energy cannot be destroyed it moves on right? Well what happens when all energy moves on? You have none left for it cannot be created. So you are left with what happens to the soul’s energy?

This is Theory X (my theory on the world and reality) insight on it.

The recycling of energy will have to happen to create a balance so your soul cannot stay in one area for eternity for if all souls did then you will have no more energy. There is a theory that I have came up with from years of reading books, thinking, and hypothesizing and here I will explain.

When you do a good deed don’t you feel better? Perhaps more holy? In many religions it is said the better life you live the better your life will be and greater God will award you. Think of your soul as a teeter totter, you do a good deed you get a weight added to the left, do a bad and you have it on the right. It now becomes a metaphorical scale in which to see how your life has been lived when you pass.

Ever wonder why when someone kills someone they lose that regret when they do it again? When someone steals something it just becomes easier? This can be thought of as “soul corruption” which darkens your soul with every malicious deed you do. Your soul leaves the “divine” area and enters the “demonic” side.

Now what happens when someone is closer to purity? Does only the good thing? Soon they regret more when they do something bad, and winces at the thought of doing anything that is not morally right. This can be described by the scale tipping more so to the divine, where only the moral and the good thoughts lie.

So as your life progresses your soul changes “colors” between white and black and every shade of gray in between. Once you die this comes into play where you either live in paradise for the good deeds or the past transgressions to others haunt you in your own personal hell. Now notice how I say “personal” to me there isn’t just a single spot where hell is, in fact I don’t see a hell at all. I see different frequencies within the divine radiation of the “Life Stream” or the “Force.” The worse you were and more corrupted you became the lower you are down on the metaphorical ladder further from a blinding light above. The greater you were the closer you are to the light until you are within it. This light is the divine energy that all energy is created from, the “God head” for in my beliefs god is everything so the source is this head.

Now the time of the life after is theorized to be slower than our time to the point it can be non existant. In this theory the closer you are to the “head” the “beginning of all things” the longer time is compared to mortal time. The further the shorter (still being longer than mortal time.)

So let us say you were a terrible murderer who massacred many people for the “fun of it.” You are at the lower depths of the ladder. You face all the crimes you have commited taunting you, torturing you until you learn what you have done. The day in this realm is, let’s say, 100 years for every actual 1 year. If you were practically a saint you are rewarded closer to the source of the “Life stream” and enjoy rewards beyond your imagination and our 1 year equals your 60000 years.

Now in this theory you are constantly climbing this ladder to the top, more accurately you are following a stream of energy that is of life that has been lost and going through the same process as you. You do not see this tho for you are in the “imagination” of the afterlife as such that a artist is lost in his creation as he paints. You enjoy all this or regret everything until you reach different levels. Lets say lvl 10 is the worst, well after time of suffering you go to 9 following this stream, as you learn from past mistakes you learn your errors, 8 you still suffer and beg for forgiveness from God, 7 you truly see the errors of your ways, 6 you are being released, 5 would be neutral, 4, 3, 2 with every passing level there is a more divine paradise as you praise your creator, 1 you are at the “gates” that shine pure light, 0 you enter. At 0 for that brief amount of time that seems like an eternity all things make since, all ideas are shown, all knowledge gain, your life’s goal is realized and you have met the one true divine presence (the main area of the collective/cosmic unconsciousness.)

With all these glory you have seen you are recycled back onto the world to restart a new cycle after what seems like an eternity you are returned to the world, a blank slate to start again with one more past life under your belt. You are then reincarnated to what the “force” sends you off to be. Another man perhaps? Or a piece of nature? Because we would start with blank slates we would never remember this, nor be able to prove this. It would always be just a theory.

God bless I hope this helped someone some way and perhaps even made you think. Remember true knowledge is never written in the book it is always discovered. MTFBWY