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This Sermon was written by Grand Master Neaj Pa Bol and submitted on her behalf:


This Holiday Season has many things for Jedi to be observant for. Out Temples Anniversary, Jedi Birthdays, Jedi Remembrance Day and more. But, with in and out of these Temple walls is a grounding substance that has multitudes of Beliefs of FAITH.

What exactly does that refer to?

We all come from different walks of life and past experiences, none to less to share to help others grow as Jedi. If we didn't have FAITH, what would there be?

If someone says there is Pros and Cons of FAITH... It's still FAITH...

Lets share a singular Jedi view, but feel free to add in on the comments.

The definition of FAITH:


1) allegiance to duty or a person; LOYALTY

2) Fidelity to ones promises

3) Sincerity of intentions


Belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion


A firm belief in something for which there is no proof


Complete Trust


Something that is believed especially with strong conviction; especially; a system of religious beliefs

And the list goes on...

Now this old Jedi feels that FAITH is a main base structure of being Jedi. Faith in People, fellow Jedi, etc. With this key word... it blends with so many of the things we as Jedi look to, look at, and think of for ourselves as well as others. It intertwines within life each day. Each moment of time.

FAITH is a pillar of one’s (our) Strength....

May the be with you always and forever, Grand Master Neaj Pa Bol