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We all strive for strength and power, to be good at our jobs, strong for our families... to stand up and do what is right when the time comes, But do we ever look inward at our reasoning to go for that strength? 
Is it selfish to want to be better and stronger than a competitor, or to strive for political power to further ones means?  In star wars it was the sith way to strive for power, and to hoard that power, but does not every individual do that very thing in their path whether weak or strong?  

One person may strive for a political office so that they can right the injustices he see's around them, another may strive for the same office for the chance to gain wealth and influence, both are striving for the same power, but their reasons and meaning are completely different... the same can go for business... a co-worker may be putting in overtime and working so hard that they may seem to threaten you're position, and threaten it they may, but they may have a child who's hospital bills are so high that they HAVE to work that hard to make ends meat.
Everyone has different motivations for their rise and struggles, we all hang onto what power we have to do different things with it... some to help others, some for personal gain, and others for reasons we may be ignorant of...

So we should try in our daily lives not to immediately judge or be offended by others and their grabbing for power, not all politicians are corrupted, and not all rich are greedy, but also we should look inward and understand our own motivations, our own drive so as to both surpass it and to compliment it and help it when it has a worthy goal, Understand yourself so as to help you understand the world

so as to help you understand the world