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Being Modern Day Jedi CAN be a choice. Everyone who enters here comes from some where already active or already wearing hats or already "pathed." Each of us comes to the table of Modern Day Jedi ism from different paths of life. Some of us come with hands full and head and heart full of knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes, contradictions come from application. As in any path, it will take time to balance all that is present. This actual balance of what IS present can be confusing and frustrating. Take it from this guy, if a guy like me can find balance, any one can. Balance often comes from application, by doing. How and where we allow it, now there are the big questions hu? The biggest question I get as Pastor here is almost always the same, " Where and when do I have time for that? What about all the other stuff I got on my plate?" When we get to the meat and potatoes of things, this is our path. This balance of time we try to find is our actual path. Each of us is a representation of our understanding and application of our Modern Day Jedi-ism. How we balance it IS our path. Think about that.  One of the key ways to find balance is to do it. Temple time and activities take to get used to and they are always changing and always new. Depending on your level of choice, our involvement is strictly to our own availability. You can be logged on to this place almost 24 hrs if ya tried. That's not the point. Some days, I have to schedule time to make time.  That's life and life gets full often. FINDING BALANCES IS WHAT WE DO HU? Fresh looks and fresh views is a direct result of try. Balances can be had by applying.  There is nothing wrong with faithfulness and stamina but in a Modern Day Jedi, its the constant adjusting and fresh looks and practices that can help EVERY modern Day Jedi. Modern Day Jedi ism, apply where you like and liberally any time anywhere. That's what we do, then we... share. 

May the Force we share be with yall today and this weekend

Pastor Carlos