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My life has been a river. Often times fast paced, with rapids often enough and smooth waters time enough. I am not the most experienced person in the world. However, I feel I have had quite a few. I have stories, but rather than just stories, I would rather provide you with some knowledge I have obtained and if you like, share your examples. 

Action and reaction. Force and Counterforce. Newton's third law is famous and it extends far beyond physics. 

We make mistakes, sometimes by accident sometimes on purpose because it feels right at time or we choose not to care. 

As Jediist we strive to be our best.

We are; however, still human and mortal. As far as we rise, we will fall. While it is good to stand back up again. That is will and support. The purpose of this is to understand that the repercussions of our actions are important. The pain and discomfort something that we must accept, if needed. I am not saying we should seek pain. I am saying that when it comes, accept it, learn from it and attempt to grow. These are not easy lessons, nor a popular ones, I believe they important ones though. 

Something that is sorely lacking in today's world is the understanding that sometimes things go horribly wrong. Sometimes it is your fault, and sometimes it will hurt. 

I am not a person who has been perfect all his life, even now, I am not. I have a healthy ego and my vices are well known to me. Despite my discipline and my will, I have faltered once and a while. Sometimes big and sometimes small. In short, I am human. 

These events in your life, and yes I am being vague because it applies to most of them, are things we try to forget. Who likes upsetting memories? No one. However, adjusting your mind to seeing them at learning experiences. As lessons in life, sometimes the same lesson more than once. 

Being confronted by these falls, failures, learning experiences, lacks of perfection is hard. Very hard. However, embrace these things. Because action and reaction. There are reactions to the reactions as well. The anguish and pain of these times give you valuable experience and with will, along with hope, you can stand back up. Even more is that now you can help others learn from your experiences. These processes are not immediate often enough. Nor easy. Often support may be available, but the battle in your mind and heart is not something people can make easier, nor is the knowledge of actions past. To face this requires courage, and courage is hardwon in a person's heart. 

We feel guilt at times, the need to atone for wrongs done or failings. Sometimes these cannot be met to our own standards. However, we can always try, putting forth effort for others is food for the spirit. Sacrifice is honorable, rather unclaimed sacrifice is honorable. If you feel you must then do so. Follow your heart. It is often wise, especially when tempered by the mind and guided by the spirit. 

There is a saying, easy is not for Jedi, I see these experiences in our lives and mindset to continue as the epitome of that maxim. 

To sum up. When your failings in life find you, do not deny them. Do not become ignorant to them. Take the consequences, learn as much as you can; then find your will, find your hope and stand up. In doing so you become a light for others and enlighten yourself. 

So below, share your experiences, tell your stories. Let us share our collective wisdom. Even if it is contrary to mine. I welcome other views. 
Thank you for reading. I hope it has evoked thought and reflection. 
Reverently submitted,
Rev. Michael J. Ziskovsky
AKA Zanthan Storm