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HAPPY HOLIDAYS Temple Of the Jedi Order. If this Temple site was in a Hero's journey, (hint hint) this would be the part where we come back to the village and tell others what has happened to us while we were gone. Some stories may involve the mountain top and some of the valleys below. Over time, the Ebb and Flow of things begin to unwind and in this Flow and Ebb, we can find moments to win lose and grow. We share. There WILL be moments it is your path that its time to lay the HAMMER down! Let me explain. In life, there can come that time when it's your turn to deal the cards. For many of us we are in charge- one way, shape, or form. There is that moment when you're in charge. Often times with Modern day Jedi, they are often found the managing or directing vessels of real life Flow. It's very common to find a Jedi in charge some where. Here is the thing, when it's time to lay the hammer; when it's time to pass sentence; or it's that opportunity that we have been waiting for -- to get even or to give what's, rightfully, due. That moment. It will come. What do you do Modern day Jedi? Do you let them have it? Naturally, the most common response is, "well of course but kindly." Do we relish in the victory and bask in the shadows of what we have created? Giving some one their due is not always a bad thing now friends and that is not what I am talking about. What I am talking about is that moment when it's time... and you DO NOT smash or you do not act or even more when we choose to help. Those are the moments I am talking about. There are times when everything points to, "get 'em!!!!!!!!' "  So many times in a Cinema Jedi setting death wasn't given but the hand was taken. Think about that Modern day Jedi.  When it's time for the hammer to be let down and it's time to smash... do you? 

I can not tell you how many times in my life I have been at the --not so choice-- end of the stirring stick. They happen to us all. Yet, there was that time, where I knew I was totally wrong and I totally deserved what was coming. YET, by the grace of one stranger, like shattered glass, things changed. It was someone else's grace that made the difference. We are Modern Day Jedi. We are smart and we try. We all TRY. Every description is our try and some of us even try daily. For those looking for change or examples of good character, I give you this example in real life.

Every year around the holidays and the change of year our founder, Br John, will find his way into the fold and grant some one grace- every year. I don't know if he has a method or it's just the first person when he decided-- regardless, as long as I have been here in the Temple and as long as I have served this Temple, every season Br John pardons some one or un-bans some one or un-does some judgment or some action. Every year, some one will be given some form of grace here. Now, I might get in a bit of trouble for telling but as I watch the sky and the earth, I watch this Temple as well. I see the flux and the Ebbs and the Flows. Sorry for snitching on Br John but the point is that some days we CAN lay the hammer down or we can give a bit of grace where its needed. It's always our choice and if by example we can lead then I leave you with this last thing. 

Giving Grace not only benefits those who receive it but those who give it. There is so much more when you lay some things down as opposed to just letting others have it. 

Happy Holidays and the turn of the Year! May this next year find us on the path to growth and maybe grant a little more grace some days.

Pastor Carlos