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May the Force we seek, share, and serve be with y'all. There comes a time in every path when the learn happens. That moment of learning. It may happen at anytime or without warning. When and where and what time are up to the seeker. There is no limit to knowledge and wisdom we can have and find. I learn new stuff every day. This is one of many reasons I frequent this place. I am still learning here so many things, I think I'll stay. Joking of course. Here's the thing, we are human. What do you do with all the stuff we find? There can come a point in our path when we begin to ask the same type of questions. How do we organize it? What's worth keeping? What's not for me? How do I save a few things, or remove a few? We can find out so much from simple questions like this. 

As Pastor, I want to remind all you Modern Day Jedi everywhere that ya cant carry everything everywhere all the time.  IMPOSSIBLE

In Canon and in Cinema the Jedi have a cloak, saber and what they have one 'em, that's it. Jedi had what they carried. I know of a lesson in the Temple by a Training Master or two who reminds us of the idea of the utility belt. What a concept. Do not forget, in all things, we find wisdom and in the knowledge we share yet, we can't carry all of it. This is why JOURNALING is so important and can be as important as the saber itself. Here, you don't have to have just one. If you're serious, you can have as many as you need in life and here as well. I may have 6 or several actually up and still running. Some have not been used for a bit. Help will always be given to those who ask. Seek and you will find. Use the journals differently. Look at what others are posting. Don't be creepy be courteous and share. Find out. Share and keep track of what ya find and why and where and who was there and what type of questions you have. LOG 'EM, Jedi. Need a hand? LOG IT. Journaling can be like checking your pockets for something you need. Maybe that thing you forgot or that name. Maybe that idea from somewhere... There is a magic in our journals that you have to experience all on your own. Ask any one who has spent any time in some one else's journal. There is a secret blessing that comes with it. Need a hand? LOG IT. Get it? Now you got it. Use your journal. If ya need another, just ask or make another. We have many blessing just waiting to be taken. 

May the Force be with y'all

Pastor Carlos