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The idiom - “A little red, a little black”.


Good Time Zone Jedi-

 "Heeeeyyyyyy" and "chhhhheeee - whoooo" to everyone out there.

I use these two greetings in hope you understand where I sit today. I am at the Ranch. The excitement and relief that comes with this time can be overwhelming so I say one good time, "Cheeee-whoooo!" Join me if you like. If you drink, raise your glasses or a shot. If you bay at the moon, bay for me once. If you burn and use fire or water, please whisper or yell to that which you do, a thank you for me as well.


There is a term and terms that is used around the area we live in now. The local coffee station yields much good flow if that is your thing. 

My wife overheard someone use this old one. "So, Bill, how are you today?" Bill said,'' Oh, a little in the red, a little in the black. I'll be alright" 


This phrase comes from the field of bookkeeping regarding profit and loss ledgers in the United States. The entries for loss or debt have long been written in red ink, hence "in the red." On the other hand, a solvent bank account is ‘in the black’ as positive entries and profits are written in black ink.


An idiom is a figure of speech established by usage that has a meaning not necessarily deductible from those of the individual words.


 It is a phrase or expression that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase. Idioms are a type of figurative language, which means they are not always meant to be taken literally.


Epics are full of idioms. Myths are riddled with idioms. Some days, what binds us is an idiom or maxim or some teaching we share or choose. 


Idioms are amazing. I feel like they get little credit. The idea of being "Red and Black" can usually state a idea of I owe, I pay, I make and on goes the flow. We work and we play. The time we take matters. Are you in the idea of red, or negative, or “in debt” with something? Are you in the black and in the profit margin? The idea of red and black can be used in our own paths of how we study and how results are being produced in our own development. Is that which we are striving for putting us in the "red” or the “black?" What’s YOUR status Jedi?  What seat do you sit in today? There is a grand and always larger picture we are a part of. We may never see it all. In my old age, I no longer try to see it all at the same time any more. Off screen, Jedi are human. We bleed and live in the ordinary world. Cars fly but there is so much more to come. Check yourself and those around you. Check your circle of family and friends and so on, send a ripple effect around you as you like. Some days we share our grouchy and salty just as quickly as we can our excitement and joy. Understanding what binds us can create an understanding that can bind us in so many different ways and much stronger than we thought we could.

 Understanding takes time, so it is my hope that we as Jedi take the time to understand an idiom or two. Star Wars is full of them. It’s kinda how we talk. I hope there is a bit more understanding today, than yesterday. 




Watch any Star Wars and see if you don’t find a few hundred idioms just tossed in there left and right. You will. It’s what we truly share. 




Taking time to understand what is real and what is not takes effort. To see past the flashing lights and heartbreaking moments can take some practice. I still scream at the Ahsoka characters during streaming time," Watch out, we know who they are or what is that?" That will never go away, the romance of the tale dwells in me still as it dwells in each of us. Star Wars is but one of many epics available. We identify in part or in whole with the characters and their development as well as their struggles and strife. We are never the only ones in our efforts. Anyone can return to a state of connection and choice of creed and code. Here is where we sit. Idioms, it's how we share.


Pastor Carlos