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Letting things go is one of the hardest things I have had to do in my Jedi life. Pastor Carlos here with a sermon on letting go. 


Our own Jedi Teaching Number 2 reminds us that "Jedi maintain a clear mind; which can be achieved through meditation and contemplation. Our minds can become unduly troubled and concerned with the happenings of the world. We must work on overcoming our individual issues through training and diligence."


Jedi Teaching 3 states this:  "Jedi are aware of the future impacts of action and inaction and of the influence of the past, but live in and focus on the Now. We let ourselves flow like water through the events around us. We embrace the ever changing and fluid world, adapting and changing as it does.


Jedi Teaching Number 4 says this: "Jedi are wary of attachments, both material and personal. The obsession over possessions and people creates the fear of losing those possessions and relationships which can cause ourselves to be trapped in a state of depression and loss.


There are many things that can have our attention and our focus. We can focus on many things at the same time. Some of us are multi-taskers and some of us, if you are like me, will find ways to figure it out. There are points in our lives when we are "holding" a bit too much. Let me tell you as a Pastor and a Jedi and a human, this happens often. We are subject to the same human experience. Humanity. Ever reach your limits? 


Jedi Teaching 7 has this reminder of our own limits: “Jedi understand their limitations. We recognise, and take responsibility, for our failures and develop a level of modesty about them. We respect the right for others to disagree and understand that they themselves are not perfect.”

I am not perfect. I know this. If you ask my immediate circle of family and friends, the song will be the same. We are as human as we are. Things stick. People get mad, scared and upset. We as humans get sad and mad and we harm and hurt all at the same time. In this process called life, we find things happen to us. We go through certain types of journeys inward, outward and spiritually. When we identify things in reflection, we are subject to what we find. I found out one day no one taught me to read, everyone was afraid of me to a point that I was counted a "loss" early to illiteracy. Today, I actively work on sermons, journals and my own honorary Master’s Degree in Divinity. I have a library some want to add to or visit. No check outs! There came a day I needed to NOT claim what was keeping me.


When we do not let go of things in our lives or paths, they can keep us stuck. It is the idea of stagnation that most people understand better than the rut of life. 


One of the best ways to start letting things go is to understand what is keeping you. Here is where identification or study come in handy. 

WRITE IT DOWN    The Journal 

Write the thing down.What is keeping you? Take the time and designate the time to think on these things. What parts of your own path are stag and which are not. Where does the dust settle in your own path? What needs dusting off or even a good old-fashioned stretch or two? By writing down our own ideas and thoughts on our own reflections, we speak to ourselves. (There you are.) What is it or who is it or where are you in your path that you're stuck? Why would you even care about this? Why do things like this matter to a Jedi?

The opus of Star Wars has many recurring themes. Identification is one of those in almost every step of the journey inward and out. In reality, the anagnorisis will unfold sometime during reflection. It happens as the sun rises and sets. Most of the time, it's on its time, so it is safe to say and to remind others, write it down. One of the most powerful statements I keep from Joseph Campbell is in a book I found called: Transformations of Myth Through Time. 13 final lectures in one book. The statement is this: "The hero often forgets." Put that in your forever mind reel and play it when you want to *not* write in your journal. Use your tools. If we do not write it down, we will forget.

Now, when you find what you seek, you can do many things with it. One is to feel resentment. For some reason, I can not lie, everytime I realize something, it's upsetting or even scary. Upset and anger are usually standing at the door of reflection to sit you down in a seat you can most likely get stuck in. Again, remind yourself of the task at hand. Why is this important and what type of change can I actually make? Commit to letting go of what you find. Remember, the first few things you can possibly "meet" are upset and anger and I think it's ok to let those go first. 

Accept things that are present or in the ordinary world. We, as Jedi, have a tendency to forget the cinema world and the ordinary world are separate. In the ordinary world, we find humanity. Make an attempt to understand what it is to be a human. How does your brain actually work? How do you learn best? What is present right now? In the stories, it is often called the anagnorisis when the main character(s) find out what side every one is on and who are the allies and who are not. What parts of your life need time and energy more? Can you fix or adjust it?


This leads to the next idea and it is very controversial. Stop blaming others. Taking the ability to act is a huge step forward in development. Accepting responsibility for yourself can be a key step to moving forward and letting some things go. Becoming a co-creator of your path is possible. Make your word, bond. With taking responsibility for things you become more involved in your own path. You would not believe the way things develop when there is someone to take charge. Taking responsibility for our own path changes the path. Adding the Force to it changes the outcome, always. 


Release forgiveness. Our Creed states:"... It is in pardoning that we are pardoned." It is in the actions of our adjustments of relationships and bonds that life is. There, we find life. We find our values and our ethics.The real stuff. Let forgiveness go, let mercy go, give it away. At any given time, there are things and relationships that could use our attention. Finding those we can pardon and forgive and it  will "unlodge" or create a new flow. Almost instantly. I remember when I was young, I got caught doing the wrong thing. My youth Pastor at the time was also a city police officer who was assigned to my side of town. Mr Jimmy caught me in a street fight one day. He drove me home. The car ride was dead silent. He let me out before I got to my house and he let me go with a hug. He told me one day I would understand that I was not just some stupid kid running round but there was better in me. “Go home and don't let me catch you again.” I had gotten away with it. What a sucker. Do you know, this reminder still brings me to tears. His forgiveness didn't break me at the time, but upon reflection, it does every day. You don't know what true forgiveness can do and will do. You don't know how long it may take and you may NEVER see the result. Give it anyway. It’s for you as well. The world needs a few more “I forgive you’s” and fewer  “you owe me’s” if you ask me. Most of all, forgive yourself. I have had the worst time with this myself. It is possible but it is not for the light of mind. If you don't know how to forgive someone or yourself, find someone who does. I give you my word as Pastor, if you do this, you will find what you seek. Things do work like that. 


As you do this, find support. We are never alone. In any story or myth, the hero is never alone nor are they in the dark. Someone always has their past ready for them to learn and maybe even have gifts for the journey and life. Find the right mentors and groups. It is important where we get our myths from.It is important where we get our mentors from.


Letting go of things can be a drain on the soul, mind and body. It truly can. One small but big way is to find something that makes you happy. Now, look, I am talking about something actual and real that you actually really do. You can cultivate this as much as you can cultivate the ability to sing, play a song or be an instrument of choice.  Find a few things you find delight or joy in and remind yourself that they exist and do them. We forget sometimes that peace can be had by remembering where we found it. Sometimes peace can be had by having a return to , well, return to. 

No Knight, Clergy member or Council member here is a professional Mental health care specialist for the Temple so if you think you need professional help, please seek it out. There is a great understanding to be had in modern psychology and human development. It is ever changing and ever accessible by the day. We have mental health in App form now. We have the ability to be reminded as often as we see fit. Use what we have. As Jedi, the ability to let some things go can be freeing or an uphill battle never finding the high ground. 


It is my hope that the more time we spend together, the more understanding we share. By understanding how we can let go of a few things, we can give our own self and circles more time and effort. Some things keep us in places and upset. Let a few things go. Work on them.


Put it in words.*whispers "journal it"

Choose to let it go


Live in the NOW, be present.

Take accountability

Give more grace.

Find good mentors and circles of support. 

Act and execute things that bring you joy.

If you think you need it, seek professional help. 


I leave you with these three things for letting go








Focus is the art of pruning the irrelevant and pouring the best of your mind into what you are doing.


Knowledge can be acquired by focusing on the task at hand.


Wisdom is the sound application of accrued knowledge and experience through patient, good judgment.

Use what you have and May the Force be with y'all Jedi

Pastor Carlos