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May the FORCE find you where you seek it. I am getting ready for a trip and in the preparation, I found a great lesson. I love Cedar. The wood and the tree and all that represent it. It is my tree. During my practice and life, I frequent Cedar. I have a fire stick I will be taking to the gathering this year. In my persuit for seek, I cut everyone going, a small sliver of the stick. A cookie if you will. There is a huge reason for this. As I cut and find the number of small hand held cookies of cedar, none of them are the same. The heart of a Cedar is where it derives its strenght from. Cedars drink water like no ones business. They will outlast metal. Little to nothing grows underneath a Cedar tree. Inside the tree itself is a red and sometimes purple-ish heart in the center. When cookie cutting these, you will find that none of these ever come out the same design. NOT A ONE. I got 30 plus cookies from the same stick that don't look like any other. This is a lesson I do hope we all as Jedi learn. Even though we come from the same tree of ideas and codes and even practices, we will not be the same. We can not. Understanding this can help some of us continue in our paths. There is no cookie when dealing with Jedi. Each of us has our own potential as humans to do almost anything. Looking at one another as a part of a whole can help grow something new. No two Jedi are alike. Impossible no matter how you "cut" it, we may share commonalities but when it does come down to it, we are Jedi, a part of a whole. Look to the trees and see the branches and the leaves and the roots. Know that there are parts and pieces needed to function in life and in our every day practices. Do not try and find the same story every time, It will not work. Every story in the Star Wars and in the Hero's Journey HAS to be new and fresh or it's just a repeat. Every story in the Star Wars and in the Hero's Journey HAS to be new and fresh or its just a repeat. As we go about or Jedi training, practices and study, remeber that your path is fresh and new every day. It's supposed to be. 

Pastor Carlos