i shall call this "brainstorm"

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15 Jan 2020 08:03 #348417 by
brainstorming is not only cool sounding it has cool effects. its fun.
try it. try it more. i dont do it enough. i get a lot of my best ideas when i throw ideas around until one works, or "sticks."
there are all kinds of meditation, and im sure many if not not most know more than i do, or think they do.
so here is my thing...
use breath. it is always there. rhythmic. its very easy to focus on.
you all know this, so why would i bring it up?
i can actually affect my own blood pressure.
its pretty cool and a bit scary lol.
here is how i do it, and how i know it works....in that order.
i close my eyes. i have to concentrate.
so i close my eyes. makes it easier for me to focus my mind.
and i focus it on my own breathing.
my body does that by itself. its a great metronome.
deep breath to start.
then exhale slowly. and then when you THINK you are done, exhale more, slowly.
youll be amazed at how easy this is. and how well it works.
i have a cluttered noisy mind. part of why im here.
my BP can surge, even though i know what i run.
this causes all sorts of problems.
so now, when i get anxiety or whatnot, i close eyes, and take control.
i know this works, because it has for me for about 3 years now.
i am digressing, and inviting criticism - questions are fine. criticism is not.
there are folks that are WAY better than i am, i am simply telling someone who may be wondering, yes, it works.
you can use heartbeat if you want....whatever works for you.
others that are really good at it, i have no idea how they do it lol.
but yea, it works. concentrate on that air pump. you will see that you can control it, and its own rhythm will calm you.
i promise, its true.

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15 Jan 2020 14:46 #348426 by
Replied by on topic i shall call this "brainstorm"
I am practicing another type of meditation, accordingly of book The Master Key system,
it´s more focused on discipline of inhibit thoughts. But currently I have problem to keep attention because 20 minutes is relatively long time,
I used to do just 10 minutes, but changed it because of next level.

Am I understand it right that this type of meditation is focused at calm down noisy mind and prevent anxiety through that?
I read about it that in this case it really works and it also helped me with anxiety too.
But what I like the most about meditation is contemplating.:
When I have some problem and don´t know what to do, I sit down, close my eyes and I am asking myself (in my mind) logical questions like
How do you feel about x? Why are you feel this way?, What caused that x?
If I know the cause I can easily work with that problem - What can I do to solve it? In fact, mind speaks to itself.
I was always nicely surprised. Because whatever problems you have > your feelings and your calmed mind will tell you what´s the issue and how to work with.

A bit I don´t understand what you meant by affecting a blood pressure, blood pressure is mechanical motion it can´t be affect by your control.
Another thing is fact that when you slow down everything - breathing, moving, thinking, the pressure will react accordingly.

(I am in the middle of Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, we can discus latter)

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15 Jan 2020 21:01 #348439 by
Replied by on topic i shall call this "brainstorm"
I have a book by Ram Dass (who recently passed away) titled "Be Here Now". He describes many different types of meditation, endorsing them all but also teaching that since we are different as individuals, we will gravitate toward different styles. It kind of sounds like this thread is also highlighting that point.

Erinis - I did a short bit of research into "The Master Key" as it was unfamiliar to me. While I don't think it's well known in modern circles, it looks like it's directly or indirectly had a strong influence on some of the newer spiritual movements prevalent now. I found one reference asserting that newer editions of the book apparently have omitted a bit of content from older editions, but then also found that there are now new, unabridged versions of the text available. (One is at https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/master-key-system-charles-f-haanel/1100059638 if anyone is interested.)

There actually is some benefit from meditative practices regarding blood pressure. Harvard Medical Center cardiologist Dr. Richard Benson in "The Relaxation Response" has described how research from decades ago shows that a daily meditation practice of sufficient length (he advocated 20 minutes, twice a day) reduced high blood pressure and helped improve some of the maladies that high blood pressure causes. I'm seeing more recent research that says this kind of practice is no more effective than exercise or medication, but at least it may be equally effective.

Lest it sound like I am pretending to be a real whiz at meditation, I openly confess that I need to renew my own practice. :-)

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