Jedi Sextant: Reject Information/Honor Your Master

6 years 7 months ago #299181 by Alethea Thompson
Alright, for those of you that are just being introduced to this- this is a meditation game I developed a few years back and have recently tweaked. It is based on the Jedi Behaviors, with mirroring cards. There are positive versions of every card, and negative versions- but they are not necessarily all bad. Sometimes by contemplating the negative cards we can find positive things about them, and when we contemplate positive cards we can find negative things about them. The goal is to find a way to link the cards together so that they teach you something. At the gathering next year, I plan on having a night where we break up into teams and play this game. So I figured I'd post a card set every so often to help people understand how to play. :)

Now here's an interesting set!

There is often a belief that if someone does not follow what they preach, that what is being preached is not worth pursuing. This ideology definitely played a role in my leaving Christianity behind when I was 13. I couldn't find anyone that I felt actually lived up to the Christian path at the time. As some of you may know- I did find people here at Force Academy that were able to help me find a model of what Christianity should be- and even broke free of the belief that I had to look at others to determine the validity of a teaching.

I had to reject my experiences with other Christians (a form of "rejecting information"), in order to find the value in my mentor's (master, in this particular case a pastor) teachings on what Christianity is. In this way, I could honor my Christian Mentors (masters, as the reflection goes in the card). Even if they did not honor the teachings, it is a way to say that the teachings DO have value. But that doesn't mean I have to refer people to them. Which fits into another card I could have easily drawn: Disregard Your Master.

If you apply this to other philosophical beliefs, or even to things like obeying safety guidelines, it can help you better understand the value or disvalue of what you are being taught. Sometimes, to be fair, what we learn or are told to do is non-sense. I certainly experienced a great deal of that from officers in the Army! :D

TL;DR: Judge something on it's own merit, not by the merit of the person teaching you. :)

So what about you? How can you link these two cards together, either as the negative understanding of the cards or their positive notions?

Gather at the River,
Setanaoko Oceana
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6 years 7 months ago #299195 by Amaya
Honoring your master also means building upon the foundation of lessons learnt. In that sense you could appear to reject their teachings (information) because of a wider scope of information gained by continuing learning. This is sometimes by seeing a wider view than first given.
Building on their foundation is honoring them but can also be seen as dismissing their realisations in favour of gaining a more stable base.
Damb may not be explaining that well.
Rejecting information is not as negative as seen, things continually change, including us personally and new information may prove yesterdays wrong. Not in a your lying way but by new advances and new experiences gained. Your building on and in a way growing past what was.
Which is honoring your master because the studant gives honor inĀ  teaching as well as continually learning.

Does that make sense? Was trying to show how what can appear negative, can be positive.

Everything is belief
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