Meditation and Healing, an Experience

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Over the last six months I have been on a health hike and unfortunately over did it and terribly tore a bunch of muscles in my back and sprained my lower spine. The pain was and still is occasionally excruciating, however there is little that can be done for an injury like this that does not involve narcotics.... and I am reactive to opiates so doctors do not proscribe them to me. This leaves me little recourse outside of motrine and rest to heal. In the past when I had my chest/shoulders cut open I learned to use a healing technique that utilized meditative techniques and I thought to share it here as I progressively use it to some good effect with my current injury. I am sure something like this exists already in the forum, but here we go... this is from me :)

Sleep meditation:
Due to my back injury I can only sleep for about 1-2 hours max before I wake up due to my body settling painfully. So to counter this I have been doing the following.... before I lay down I stretch lightly, making sure not to really stimulate my muscles in my body but to get them lax as much as possible with simple clenching. Because my back muscles are torn, I take extra care with my back. I make sure to give my face some attention with more stretching by making silly faces, I know it seems silly, but stretching out my face muscles I found really helps me relax. I clench my teeth a lot in pain and relaxing my facial muscles and jaw has an impact on the quality of sleep I under take.

After setting up the pillows and making sure I am in a position as comfortable as I can be, I immediately close my eyes and focus on feeling my entire body. I start with my head, feeling my face and extending down my shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, and so on until I reach my feet. I make any adjustments at this time to my position, minor or otherwise to ensure I am getting the most out of my position. Then I restart the process but in reverse, starting with my toes and going very slowly. Saying to myself mentally, "*body part* go to sleep, rest, sleep." where you replace the *body part* with the area of the body you are tackling. I proceed up through my body and once I reach my chest, I focus on my breathing for a moment to 'reset' my breathing as at times it takes my breathing to return to normal after painful adjustments. Once I have come to the peak of my head, feeling every part of my body and telling it to sleep and rest.... I proceed to feel without moving, every element of my surroundings, taking into account of the peaceful situation I am in, the softness of the pillows, etc. I find this relaxing and just another stage of the entire process.

This next part I find a bit, uncomfortable to communicate as it has some metaphysical connotations I learned from some Shinto-Buddhist monks. I envision the word, 'Ohm' the way monks say it out loud, extending the word as much as possible mentally. Sometimes at this juncture I move a few of my fingers and feel their spacial relation to my chest and face, as though I am taking in something. Focusing on breathing I repeat the 'ohm' over and over again. I notice at times my breathing lines up with saying 'ohm' in my head. During this time I try to visualize a relaxing meditative state of being, such as a monastery with red pillars, monks in orange arrayed saying 'ohm' with me. Occasionally in the distance a large bell will sound. I envision and reinforce this vision over and over even when it slips from my grasp. I found by doing this I fall into deep rest quicker and when I get up, have a little less pain to deal with and more resolve to tackle the day.

While awake:
Normally when I use healing hands on someone, I trace my fingers over the area of distress, feeling myself pull at the jagged responses of distress. Because I cannot do this to myself, especially my back.... I envision I am doing it when I am going through those back spasms which want to rip the tears from my eyes. I feel ghost like hands tracing over my back, closing my eyes to envision it.... occasionally touching my fingers to my thumb to give that tactile feeling. I feel myself pulling at the pain and stress, lining out the energy into a flatter pattern than the jagged responses that happens when under duress. At times I use a crystal or stone (hematite) to help me focus on all of this.

I was unable to walk days ago and now I am able to at least get around and flex some. I am not saying this is a miracle healing power and *poof* healed, but it does seem to speed up the healing process and above all improve my overall outlook at things.

Just thought to share.

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