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what mainly separate us from our animal cousins is our capacity to write, tell stories ,create and create our own problems
- Vincent Causse

Not trying to disprove you. Just interjecting things I have run across and/or found over the last so many years I find interesting… that “might” cause you to rethink some assumptions.

First, I know of at least one animal psychiatrist that would disagree about animals not creating their own problems. She is convinced that they suffer a myriad of psychosis not dis-similar to humans. Not sure that I always agree with psychology and/or some methods of reasoning and accepted theories. But, I am not a psychologist. More like a skeptic :P

My wife showed this to me and I found it fascinating. Dogs communicating using preset buttons. And it is in cooperation with ongoing studies at University.

One thing I got from this is not just that dogs CAN learn to communicate but they can realize at least patterns that we will respond to. Kind of like them training us! LOL Not really. And I wonder how much actual communication animals have with each other that we do not realize or understand.

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This is so much off topic :-) but this is mind blowing. Well dogs are one of the 10 most intelligent beings on the planet. I m sure we could be surprised of the level of intelligence of most animals if we gave them the chance. One of the problem i believe is that animals are way shier than we re, they will not show us their skills that easily. Fear must be one of the factor. But surely evolution is striving toward one goal that is higher intelligence, of sorts, it doesnt have to be humans like intelligence.
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