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IP Lesson 0 asks us to list the different non-clerical ranks and their responsibilities, and while I was able to find the non-clerical ranks and a fairly brief description on what it entails to achieve each rank (though still trying to make sense of what the path from apprentice to knight looks like, but I'll live in the moment and worry about that when the time comes), I could not find any spelled out responsibilities of each rank. I found this for clerical ranks, but not for non-clerical ranks. After scouring the FAQs and a brief search through the forums I'm still coming up empty on this. Can anyone help me figure out where these responsibilities might be spelled out or if they are spelled out somewhere. I'll continue the IP for now and answer as best as I can, but I figured as a last ditch effort I should ask here. From looking at other IP journals I don't seem to be the only one that didn't have an answer to this.

TL;DR? Do non-clerical ranks have specific responsibilities spelled out somewhere? It's one of the questions for IP Lesson 0, and I can't find it anywhere I've looked.

Thank you in advance!

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