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I was thinking of what it was to be a pagan Jedi. I mean, if someone walked up to you on the street (given you are open to talk to anyone about your beliefs as i am) what would you tell them about your beliefs. Well, i was thinking of helping that out a little bit. Of course we can ramble off the Jedi teachings and Creed and Code, etc. But then what would you say? i was thinking about this. So here is how i view my beliefs.

I believe in a Force, you may call it The Force or Tao or even God if you so choose. But the first two energies are the ones that i associate my beliefs with, but because we don't know everything there is to know about this Force i chose to believe that there is the possibility that the Force is devided into varies aspects of the world and of the human heart/soul/psychie (sp?). Now people put names to the aspects as in (but not limited to):
War/Anger - Areas, Mars, The Morrighan (not necessarily anger), etc.
Love/beauty - Aphrodite, Venus, Bel, Frigga (among other things) etc.
Moon - Selena, Artemis, Marama, etc
Sun - Appolo, Helios, Ra, etc
(Those are just usually some of the more common Deities that people think of whent they think of pagan)
These deities are not seperate from the Force, in fact they are just as much a part of the Force as you and I, or the computer you are reading this on, or the chair you are sitting in. Names are a very powerful tool and to put a name to an aspect can give that aspect more meaning.

Now, as for magick is concerned (and magick/magik is spelled that way so people don't get it confused with stage magic) i believe that our thoughts and intention get projected out into the universe threw the ever flowing Force that is within, without, and threw all things and heads to where it needs to go to get results, now you never know how long that will take. If everything is all set up and ready to happen all you need to do is give it a little nudge and it will happen very quickly, now if you want it to rain in the middle of summer with no clouds in the sky and no prediction of rain in the forcasts at all it might take a few days/weeks/months to happen, now you can always say that this doesn't work but you have no proof that it doesn't just as much as i have no proof that it does (well 100% proof).The reason for rituals and candles and such is so that the mind is more focused. Think about it, if you just say 'i want it to rain,' (keeping with the rain scenario) you don't feel anything do you? Now if you add emotion to it, it starts to feel more powerful, then if you add some things that you believe will help you get the rain to come your emotions and thoughts are focused, it will happen quicker. But here's the thing, you don't need these objects, they are only to help, most don't hold any true power at all (i say most, not all), if you want something done all you have to do is put yourself into the thing, and it will happen, the Force, Tao, Universe will give you the thing that you wanted.

So for now that is all.

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