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This time of year marks the festival of Imbolc, also known as the Festival of Returning Light. It is the time that traditionally marked the end of Winter and celebrated the fact that the days were growing longer and (hopefully!) warmer.

The festival can be celebrated on the conveniently-remembered date of 1st February but the actual astrological date is when the Sun enters 15 degrees Aquarius (15 degrees Leo if you're in the Southern hemisphere). This year this falls on Saturday 4th February.

I will be hosting a small fire ceremony with friends and family and invite you all to share in the energies by linking with us on Saturday. For more instruction on how to do this, see the post here:

You do not need to be there at the exact time or day as your intention will carry your energies to the right time and place. Even if you choose not to join with us, please try to find a few moments in quiet reflection of all that you have achieved in the dark times of Winter and give thanks for all that you are about to achieve in the coming Summer!

For more information about Imbolc, there are a great many wonderful resources on the web as well as a few past posts here in the forum:

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