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21 Jul 2016 11:30 - 21 Jul 2016 12:03 #248864 by
Hi everyone,

A friend of mine recently finished creating a necklace and a key-chain for me, I just wanted them in order to keep a constant reminder of the force everywhere I go.

He only has a small business doing this in his spare time but just wanted to check if there was any interest from anyone here for something similar?


Let me know or alternatively contact him directly as this is just a little side earner for him but his designs are really good!

May the force be with you all x
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21 Jul 2016 12:05 #248868 by Jestor
Replied by Jestor on topic TOTJO Necklace and Keychain
TOTJO has these available in our merchandise shop, link in the footer...

While we wouldnt stop anyone from making something for themselves, we would ask that folks do not sell TOTJO merchandise...

We do not make much of a profit, but everything that we do make is folded back up into the running of TOTJO...

I will reiterate this in a PM...

Thank you for understanding...

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