"We've won the battle, but not the war"

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12 Dec 2012 00:07 #83519 by
I believe that the title of this thread is NOT a truism. If you believe that it is a truism, and that it is something that you should live you life by then you are somebody that will simply not address the real issues, or in fact you have judged somebody else as not addressing the real issues and are completely wrong. Like a really cold hearted corporate shark that meets a paranoid Scitsophrenic that is in fact so willing to address the real issues that he makes you angry. The reason he is paranoid is because the real issues of something that affects him personally, and that people are not addressing, is something that is in fact a bad, bad thing, like torture for example. A Cold hearted corporate shark is the worst kind of cheat. The only things that make him angry are people showing that they are in trouble. Such a person will use their "detachment" to convince the facts that they are not angry, and then proceed manipulate those people who are in trouble in some way or another.

A phrase like "The good all ways wins in the end" is a truism. Like compassion. Some religions tell us to "stand up for ourselves", and "Do what you're good at" The figure heads of these religions claiming to be god, tell us that they know more about our own worldly occupation better than we do, and that we will suffer endlessly if we do not do things against our own kinsman. So why would a religious kinsman that fights a war against evil and the destruction of a dark world have to win a single battle and forget compassion? Surely a battle against evil that will last until all are liberated would have a need for compassion? My compassion itself gives me infinite future happiness! In fact it doesn't make me unhappy in this moment either.

I am in real trouble from such religious figures as I've already mentioned, because I have so many occupations! :) Karate, Reiki, Information Technology. All of these things I have done professionally. What would such a religious figure say if my computer was hacked by my own kinsman? Maybe your experience is different to mine, but really it is us and them. So there is no ignorance. But As far as I can see, ALL religious figures. would tell me to retaliate. In one way or another.

Would you do the same?

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