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What is you point of view considering reincarnation ? I mean, do you see differences or similarities to buddhism in Jediism ?

I think, that there is a certain similarity ... as in my understanding, in buddhism, when a person dies, their is a lack of karma, which is being replaced by new karma originating in the old one ...

isn't a bit the same with us ? when our bodies die, and we unite with the force, of course we aren't reborn, but isn't there a rest of our old self remaining as if having a personal note within the flow of the force ...

this is just a part of my thoughts on this topic, just to give you some food for thought ^^...

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I agree with you, we are energy. our energy goes somewhere, i believe that it returns to the Force, or as in Taoism, the Tao, but i won't get involved in that right now. perhaps some of the things that we do, good or bad stay with our energy, which is also the Force, so things start to get complicated, but i believe it is very possible.

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