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Hello all,

Well as the title states, I'd like to introduce you all (or in some cases re introduce) to what we call in Buddhism the \"Eightfold Path\" This is the 8 steps of practical realization in Buddhism that lead to Enlightenment. In this post I'm going to show you how adopting the eight fold path can greatly improve your walk in Jediism. First please understand that in Buddhism, there is no central god so you can continue your own private worship. Look at this more as a method of realization and a philosophy then a religion in the western sense. Nothing presented here will conflict with your religious views and you will find upon contemplation that there are many similarities within most of the major religious teachings. With that said I'd like to explain what the path is and how it applies to Jediism.

The Eightfold Path is as follows.

\"Right Understanding\"
\"Right Mindedness\"
\"Right Speech\"
\"Right Action\"
\"Right Livelihood\"
\"Right Effort\"
\"Right Attentiveness\"
\"Right Concentration\"

Now that we know the eight steps, let's take a closer look.


What is right understanding? Simply put, it’s the ability to view things as they really are, without our emotional bias or any preconceived notions. Everything we look at, taste, feel, and think, all of it is clouded with our own experience and former judgments weather we’re aware of it or not. We are all to one degree or another affected by these pre judgments. Developing right understanding is learning and cultivating the ability to view all things just as they are, just as they appear to the naked eye.

Right Mindedness

Right mindedness refers to right thinking. This is ones personal attitude. The first step to eliminating preconception is to be aware that you have a preconception in the first place.
These preconceptions of the world around us directly influence our reaction to life events.
Right mindedness asks us to be aware of our thoughts and be mindful of what they are and from where they come.

Right Speech

This one needs little explanation. Your thoughts you can guard and keep to yourself, but once you put forth words, their all yours, along with any consequences they incur, good or bad. Students of Buddhism are taught to reflect on the power of their words and what effect those words will have on another human being, before they speak.

Right Action

Just as what we say has power, so does what we do. It’s really simple. Good or “right” action has a good effect and will bring good to all involved. On the other hand, bad or “wrong” action will have the opposite effect. Students of Buddhism our taught to reflect on their actions and the possible effect they may have on others. To refrain from any action that may harm another, and ultimately harm ourselves is also right action.

Right Livelihood

Buddhism teaches us to be aware of our nature and work with it. We are all predisposed to do certain things in life, all given different talents. Knowing what your best at requires self awareness and commitment to reflection. If you follow what your best at ad love, provided it not harm others, you will find peace in what you do. Keep in mind that what may be appropriate for one person may not for another.

Right Effort

As I’ve stated in many posts, practice is the core of any religious path, and practice by it’s nature requires effort. When embarking on a spiritual path we must be diligent in following and doing the practices that will lead us to a further spiritual awakening and ultimately lead to our enlightenment. Beware of the entanglement of laziness and pride as this will ultimately slow or stop your progress in it’s tracks. Right effort should always be encouraged and nourished in ourselves and in others

Right Attentiveness

Right attentiveness requires some explanation. You see with even the most honest effort,
Even the most diligent practice, you will not achieve your goals without an aptitude for critical thinking. If you do not learn the ability to look within yourself and see the confusion within,
Then how can you be free from it. Your capacity for self-awareness should be cultivated with earnest. Self awareness gives us the ability to discern the negative influences in our lives and in ourselves that will pull us from our path. Once you learn to see these snares and pitfalls you should then work towards distance yourself from them until their sway is removed from your life.
Right attentiveness helps us to free ourselves from negative desires and attachments and the self destructive impulses they can create in our lives.

Right Concentration

For this I give you the words of Nicola Dixon.
“Concentration, in this sense, is the clam but intense focus that students apply in spiritual
Practice so they may penetrate through illusion to pure awareness.” When applied correctly, you, the meditator, the act of meditation, and the object of meditation, become one. Through right concentration we learn to deepen our focus over time with in turn allows us to come closer, every time, to the ultimate reality and he truth within us all.

So as you can see, these things are of great value regardless of the spiritual path you follow.
In regards to Jediism within this path lies adherence and application of all of the teachings. It
Is the river in which the water of Jediism flows. We can learn all of the holy words from all of the worlds holy texts, but without application they mean nothing. As with any valid spiritual path, it’s in it’s application that it’s value is realized. By applying the eight fold path to our walk in Jediism we not only learn to internalize the teachings, but also uphold the tenants of the path for all Jedi.

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