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Hi, was created by
Hi my name is Sharon and I live in the East Madlands in England, I was courious about this site and find that I follow a majority of the beliefs and have done for many years, I am compiling my journal at the moment and also trying to navigate myself around this huge site. I look forward to completing my journey.:laugh:

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Replied by Jestor on topic Re:Hi,
Hello Sharon, welcome to the Order....

We have quite a few members in the UK... GrandMaster Mark Anjuu is based over there somewhere.... I apologize, as a member of the colonies, my geographical knowledge is limited... lol... :)

If you get lost, send up a signal flare and we will do what we can... There is a lot to read and quite a bit to listen to.... So do not get overwhelmed...

If you feel like you need help, make sure you ask, either in the Chat, Shout Box, or in a Private Message (PM)....

Make sure to check out the FAQ and the Training... lots of useful info in there.... The Training is not mandatory for membership here at TOTJO, unless you are considering Clergy, or Knighthood, for helping others....

Good Luck and I hope to see you around a lot!!....

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