Anyone Else Have Delay of Text in Chat and Forcebook?

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FTPC wrote: I have another Problem with FB

when you make a new account you have to enter your cell phone now
as Checkpoint 1 and in about 10 mins the Picture Checkpoint will come up and takes FB some wear between two weeks
and 30 days for them to Review your picture...

If your account is disabled or perhaps that I should say Accounts /pages in make case and you try to Submit an Appeal
they WILL NOT email you back I wonder if all of Facebook is run by computers

and you can't talk to a Human that work on facebook without a facebook account
I have tried to email them and to tweet them as well and I have even tried to tweet Mark Z

But no luck

if I have another problem I will post again

lol, we're talking about Forcebook (TotJO) not Facebook buddy. ;)
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