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Br. John wrote: You may (yes you - and you can do it right now even before you're a Member) start an informal group by getting together with people interested in becoming a Jedi. This is generally people living close enough to each other that getting together once a month (or more) is no problem.

The group becomes formal when it has several who've become Members of The Order (register on the site and submit the online Application), is meeting regularly, has selected an approved (by The Council) name and has decided upon it's coordinator(s) - the groups officers.

Edan wrote: I think Yoba means a group on the site.

These can only be created by an admin, and a knight has to lead it.

I think you're right.

That's still great information to know though, in case anyone was thinking of trying to start an official local TOTJO groups. The proximity thing is going to be the biggest issue, I think.

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Right now, I am the guy to contact, simply because I know how to do it...

However, I do not grant every request, lol... ;)

I do stretch the policies every now and then, lol... ;)

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