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Streen wrote: I couldn't find anywhere else to ask this, so here it be: would it be possible to have my name changed from Streen to Jacen. This was a name I used years ago that I feel better encompasses who I am. Of course, this depends entirely on whether or not you read the Star Wars books.

I figure it can't hurt. I'm a bit inconspicuous here already, so I don't think many will notice.

Change your avatar? Your soul will stay the same so whoo cares? But if your happy I'm happy.

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10 years 1 month ago #121753 by Alexandre Orion
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It is not an intention to start an challenging debate about this, but --

-- as Watts and also Campbell pointed out, sometimes the changes one undergoes along one's hero's journey, the ways in which we change in our pathways of self-discovery give rise to a name-change. We see that in some of the spiritual practices of the Orient --

As it were, I would not be against a name change on this basis. Perhaps the person we have come to know by one name is undergoing enough of a personality transformation that we must now get to know them again. Now, that said, a name change every other month would be suspect, but from time to time the request is warranted.

Only recently did he feel moved to take the oath and become a Temple Member after a consequential period as Guest ... perhaps this is a turning point at which we could consider granting a name-change. It is a different episode of his adventure.
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Ah, no one here is least not to me....I always notice if/when you're on, as well as many of our other members...

Our name is but one of many labels we use to identify ourselves, but it is not who we are....i'd still be me even if I was called fluffy mcbutternuts....

Alex is right, at some point during the journey everyone changes to the point that they're no longer recognizable as the person they once were and decide to take on a new name to go with their new identity...I've considered it myself several times recently, however as it is just a label and not my self I decided to leave it as is....
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