Life, the Force, and God (a ranting of realization)

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baru wrote: If you are centered in something that is not "true", you are centered in "Nothing". Consequently, you will feel empty and disconnected. If you are centered in that which is, that which is true and eternal - such as the Force, then you are centered in that which is real and true. This is the true state of being. This is the only true relationship, between you and The Force, that will fulfill you. there is no emptiness when you are connected to the completeness of the Force - the source of all life.

Replace "The Force" with "Lord Vishnu", "Jesus Christ" or "Allah, The Merciful" and you have an argument for something you just said isn't true or is Nothing right in the first sentence.

It is not true that being centered on an ultimately false belief is being centered on nothing. That false belief still exists and influences things within the person and by implication around the person, too. The fact that it is not ultimately true doesn't take away from the existence of the thought itself. I have met countless Christians and Jews, some Muslims and a few Jehova's Whitnesses who told me how empty and disconnected I must feel since my life isn't centered on their respective deities and they are frankly (forgive me, Alexandre) just as wrong about that as you are in saying that without being centered around the Force one would feel empty and disconnected. I would indeed argue that the Force with all its warmth that all the other gods have been providing for millennia (and are without exception better at for all the refinement they got in the mean time), in my humble opinion cannot and could not ever compete in this with an actual friend and nor can anything else.

To clarify, I am not staying that truth doesn't matter. Of course it does, and basing your beliefs and choices on things you can rely on through reason as opposed to faith alone is a better choice on any day. But to say "you cannot feel truly fulfilled untill you believe in the true god - mine" is a very, very big claim indeed for which I don't suspect you have nearly as big evidence; and I for one, if challenged to it, can also prove it false.
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realization has one true love, and it is awe
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