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13 Jun 2018 00:53 #322883 by TheDude
I've been following the meditation course on Meditation Steps , and I find that it gives decent advice on meditation. I'm not too far into it, so I can't attest to the quality of the end of the module, but so far it has been helpful in my meditation practice. Mods, please remove the link if that's not allowed. Does anyone else here know of complete meditation courses online? Any that you've personally completed?

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13 Jun 2018 03:34 - 13 Jun 2018 03:36 #322888 by Alethea Thompson
I've had good reviews from my journal on Amazon (Meditation Journal for Force Realists). Since I wrote it, I cannot personally attest to it without bias. I do (from time to time) go back to it and redo meditations written in it- and they are insightful.

But the other side is that I have also been told it can be a bit difficult to complete because the first six months (meant to develop aspects of a meditative experience) can be monotonous.

*(money from this book goes toward funding Jedi Gatherings)

Gather at the River,
Setanaoko Oceana
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