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Mando'a Vocabulary was created by KieranHalcyon
[edit] VocabularyNote: The following section contains words that some may consider to be unsuitable for younglings.
As a special note, it needs to be said that there is no word for \"hero\" in Mando'a - only a word for those who are not heroes, but \"cowards\": hut'uun/e.

The following are a few of the known Mando'a words, and the most accurate possible translations thereof.

For the full Mando'a dictionary, see: [1]

[edit] Verbsatiniir (ah-teen-EER) - to endure, to stick with, to tough it out baatir (BAH-teer) - to care, to worry about beten - to sigh brokar - to beat (heartbeat, drumbeat) cuyir - to be, to exist dinuir (DEE-noo-eer) - to give duraanir - to look down upon, to hold in contempt, to despise duumir - to allow ganar - to have gaan - to want hettir - to burn hibirar - to learn hukaatir (HOO-kaht-EER) - to protect, to cover, to shield jehaatir - to lie jorso'ran - shall bear (archaic) jurir - to bear, to carry jorhaa'ir - to speak jurkadir - to mess with someone (lit: to brandish a saber) kar'taylir - to know liser - to be able to, can motir - to stand narir (nah-REER) - to act (carry out), to do nartir (nah-ree-TEER) - to place, to put nau'ur (also: sometimes seen as naur) (now-00R) - to light up nau'ur kad - to forge a saber nynir - to hit, to strike oya (OY-ah) - Many meanings: literally \"Let's hunt!\" and also \"Stay alive!\", but also \"Hoorah!\", \"Go you!\", \"Cheers!\" Always positive and triumphant. parjir - to win, to be victorious shabiir - to screw up shukur - to break, to smash/tear apart, to crush solus - each, individual, alone susulur - to hear, to listen takisir - to insult trattok'o - fall, fail udesiir - to relax, to rest, to be peaceful verborir - to buy, to hire, to contract vorer - to accept [edit] Adjectives and adverbsa'denla - vengeful adenn - merciless ani'la - ultimate aruetyc (ah-roo-ay-TEESH) - traitorous atin (ah-TEEN) - stubborn briikase - happy dar (dahr) - no longer darasuum - eternal/eternally, forever di'kutla - foolish, idiotic (severe) draar (drahr) - never dral - bright dralshy'a (drahl-SHEE-ya) - stronger, more powerful ge'tal - red hettyc - burning hut'uunla (hoo-OON-lah) - cowardly iviin'yc - fast, quickly jate - good jatne (JAT-nay) - best kandosii - indomitable, noble, ruthless mirdala - clever nau - before ne'tra - black ori (OH-ree) - big, extreme, very racin - pale shabla - screwed up (offensive) shukla - crushed solus - one, alone, each, individual, vulnerable sol'yc - first talyc - bloody (can be used to describe meat as \"rare\") teroch - pitiless tome - together tracyn'la - grilled, chargrilled, scorched troch - certainly ures - without usen'ye - rudest way to tell someone to go away (same root as osik) [edit] Nounsabesh - east abiik - air a'den - wrath, rage adu - sons (archaic) ad - son, daughter, child ad'ika - kid, lad, boy, sweetie, darling aka (AH-kah) mission akaan - war akaan'ade (AH-kahn-AH-day) army aliit (ah-LEET) - family, clan, tribe ara'nov - defense aruetii (ah-roo-AY-tee) - traitor, outsider, comparable to \"them\" aruetiise (ah-roo-ay-TEE-say) - Aruetii, plural ba'buir - grandfather/grandmother ba'jur - education, training ba'vodu - uncle behot - a citrus-flavored herb, antiseptic, and mild stimulant beroya (bair-OY-ah) bounty hunter beskar - Mandalorian iron beskar'ad - droid (literally \"child of iron\") beskar'gam - armor (literally \"iron skin\") Bes'uliik - Basilisk (literally \"iron beast\") birgaan - backpack buir (boo-EER) - father/mother burc'ya (BOOR-sha) - friend buy'ce (BOO-shay, s.); buy'cese (pl.) - helmet; colloquial: pint, bucket ca - night chakaar - thief, petty criminal, scumbag, bitch, bastard, bugger, (lit: \"grave robber\") chig (CHEEG) - any kind of hot drink, an infusion Coruscanta - Coruscant cyar'tomade - fans, a group of people with affection for something cyar'ika- darling, beloved, sweetheart darasuum (dah-RAH-soom) - eternity dar'buir (DAHR boo-EER) - no longer a father/mother (very shameful) dar'manda (dahr-MAHN-da) - a state of being \"not Mandalorian\"; not an outsider, but one who has lost his heritage, and so his identity and soul dar'jetii - no longer a Jedi (Sith, Dark Jedi) dar'yaim - a hell, a place you want to forget dha (dah) - dark di'kut (dee-KOOT) - a foolish, idiotic, useless individual (severe); context-dependent:can mean jerk, moron, idiot, etc. (sometimes vulgar) droten (DROH-ten) - people, public. entye (ENT-yay} - debt gal - ale gayi'kaab - radio gayiyli - resurrector gett - nut ge'verd (ge-VAIRD) - almost a warrior gihaal (gee-HAAL) - fish-meal gra'tua (gra-TOO-ah) - revenge, vengeance hut'uun (hoo-TOON) - coward ib'tuur - today (lit: \"this day\") jai'galaar - shriek-hawk jatne'buir- best father/mother Jetii (Jay-tee) - (the) Jedi Jetiise - (the) Republic, plural \"Jedi\" ka'ra - stars ka'rta - heart kad - saber kad'au (kahd-OW) - lightsaber kama - backside, back, belt-spat Kaminiise - Kaminoans kando (KAHN-do) - importance, weight ke'gyce - command, order kom'rk - gauntlet kot - strength kote - glory, might kyr'am - death Mand'alor - Mandalore, leader Manda'yaim - Mandalore Mando'ad - Mandalorian (lit: Son/Daughter/Child of Mandalore) Mar'eyce - discovery mirshe - brain, brains mirsh - brain cell ne'tra gal - black ale Niktose - nikto norac - back ori'ramikade - Supercommandos (lit: Super-raiders with sabers) or'dinii - complete lunatic osik - crap, poodoo (sometimes vulgar) parjai - victory prudii - shadow rang - ash runi - soul(poetic only) shebs (shebs, s.); shebse (SHEB-say, pl.) - backside, rear, butt (sometimes vulgar) Siit - Sith Shuk'om - Crushgaunt tal - blood tar - starfield, space, star, sky tat - brother (Concord Dawn dialect for vod) Taungsarang - the ash of the Taung tihaar (TEE-har) - an alcoholic drink; a strong, clear spirit made from fruit tor - justice tracinya - flame tracyn - fire troan - face tsad - alliance, group, organization tuur - day uj'alayi (OOH-jah-LIE-ee) - a very dense, very sweet cake made from crushed nuts, dried fruit and spices, and then soaked in a sticky scented syrup called uj'jayl. Colloquially known as an Uj cake. uj'Jayl (ooh-JAI-ul) - a sticky scented syrup vecuyan - aid, assistance, help ven - future verd - warrior vhett - farmer vod (VOHD) - brother, sister, comrade vode (VOH-day) - brothers, sisters, comrades vod'ika - little brother, little sister Vongese - Yuuzhan Vong or just Vong vul - (VUHL) - remorse Werda - shadows (archaic)

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