Merry Imbolc

9 years 3 months ago #179685 by Alethea Thompson
Tomorrow marks an important day for all of our pagan sisters and brothers. It is the festival representative of the coming of Spring, marking the Crone passing the torch to the Maiden once more. For those of you that are looking to start a garden of some sort, our ancestors felt that in the Northern Hemisphere this would be a great time to start making the fields ready for the planting season. But it is also good for other things- such as beginning new projects that assist life around us, or new beginnings for our own lives.
In Pagan tradition, Imbolc, can be marked by some form of ceremony that asks for the Maiden's blessing in new growth. For those that do not follow a deistic belief of the Pagan path, it can also be a time where you honor yourself by deciding upon a project that will help you personally grow, or even simply the honoring of what Spring represents.
To all of our brother and sisters in "the Force" which celebrate this great holiday- Merry Imbolc, may it be the same reminder of new beginnings that brought our ancestors hope for the future for you. *bows*

Gather at the River,
Setanaoko Oceana
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